Explanation and Dog Pictures

Shelter Dog

For about 18, hours, anyone trying to see my webpage got instead an album of dog photos. No one complained — maybe no one was looking, maybe they preferred the dogs.

Many of the pictures I took in the Santa Fe Photography Workshops cannot be posted, because we were working with individuals in their homes. But I took a bunch for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society with no people in them. The plan was to include people, but the complexities of model releases and a snowstorm when time was short made it easier to just go with the dogs. (The cats weren’t good subjects –the dogs adored having me pay attention to them.)

So for those who would like a dose of cute dog pictures — ahem, I meant artistic images of a companion species — here is a subset of them.


How to Mess Up a Site: Google Maps Hides Street View

Oh, good idea, Google people — hide one of Google Maps’ most valuable features. Tried street view lately?  Can’t find it? Of course not. It’s now effectively hidden.

Go ahead, try.  We’ll wait.

OK, you tried and can’t get it to work?

Drag the little orange guy to the street you want.  Sure, obvious, right?

You do remember street view of South Hall, right? Well, it’s gone.

Want to know which streets have street view? Well, once you’ve figured out the secret, if you drag the little orange guy around, those streets will light up while you hold the mouse button down.

Obvious, easy, sure. No problem.  We knew that.

How I Spent Spring Break

Spring break at Santa Fe Photography Workshops.

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Take me home – please!

Take me home – please!

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From Santa Fe Photography Workshop

Smart Pen for Interviews and Other Uses?

This post on the blog Digital Ethnography sent me to the Livescribe site to look at their smartpen.  It records audio.  In conjunction with coded paper in a notebook, you turn the recording on and off.  It also transfers your notes to your computer as images and OCRs (?) them so you can search them.  I figured they would make their money from the paper,  but they say you can print your own.  (Of course, you have to give up your favorite pen and notebook.)

I haven’t investigated this in detail — am posting this in the hope that a reader either has or will investigate further and let us all know, in more detail, what it does and whether it lives up to its promises.

Photo ops this weekend

Odd couple

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Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show. I had a great time last year taking pictures — people and dogs do a lot of sitting around waiting, grooming, etc.

Why Women of a Certain Age May Always Seem to Be in a Bad Temper

Went into the on-campus newly-re-located Scholar’s Workstation, which sells retail to campus community members for personal use.

Was trying out a keyboard on a computer I was considering buying.  A workman was wiring something in the ceiling nearby and commented on my fast typing.  “Is that what you are?” he asked.  “A professional typist?”

A young saleswoman was  busy chatting up a man who was clearly not ready to buy.  She  gave only the most telegraphic answers when I interrupted her to ask pointed questions about the Macs (a necessity, since nothing was labeled as to what it was or price).

When the saleswoman disapppeared, a young salesman stood across the room staring off into space as a young woman and I (the only customers) continued to try to figure out what was what.   I had to call to him, “Do you work here?” for him to wake  from his reverie.

I left muttering “Children!”  Yeah, the sales staff no doubt didn’t think they were children. They were, what, all of 20 years old?

(Hi, Vivien!)