Why Women of a Certain Age May Always Seem to Be in a Bad Temper

Went into the on-campus newly-re-located Scholar’s Workstation, which sells retail to campus community members for personal use.

Was trying out a keyboard on a computer I was considering buying.  A workman was wiring something in the ceiling nearby and commented on my fast typing.  “Is that what you are?” he asked.  “A professional typist?”

A young saleswoman was  busy chatting up a man who was clearly not ready to buy.  She  gave only the most telegraphic answers when I interrupted her to ask pointed questions about the Macs (a necessity, since nothing was labeled as to what it was or price).

When the saleswoman disapppeared, a young salesman stood across the room staring off into space as a young woman and I (the only customers) continued to try to figure out what was what.   I had to call to him, “Do you work here?” for him to wake  from his reverie.

I left muttering “Children!”  Yeah, the sales staff no doubt didn’t think they were children. They were, what, all of 20 years old?

(Hi, Vivien!)


3 responses to “Why Women of a Certain Age May Always Seem to Be in a Bad Temper

  1. Happy new year! This is pretty much my shop / service experience in Germany.
    Hey, but get more patient with a certain age, right? :)

  2. That is just poor service. Sigh. I’d encourage you to write the shop a letter about this experience. You’d think a place like TSW would be especially sensitive to gender-based issues with technology! Anyway, I don’t recall you as being a mac user… here’s a quick tip: on any Mac (not the iPhone, though) you can click on the Apple menu (the upper-left menu that looks like an apple) and the first option is an “About this Mac…” option. That lists the processor speed and memory as well as OS version and startup hard disk. If you want to know more, you can click the “More Info…” button and it will bring up System Profiler that will tell you *everything* about the guts of the Mac.

    I have a feeling that your experience at an Apple Store would be like night and day… maybe go there for trying the Macs out and then TSW (or even their website) for the purchase. And, as always, you have tons of us that know way way way too much about Macs and can give you an overview… just write or call.

  3. Yeah, Vivien, but do they ask you if you’re a TYPIST? (No, you don’t get more patient — I see why older people are so grumpy.)

    And, Joe, I dont want to have to go someplace else when they’ve got the stuff (sometimes at a discount) right there at ASUC. Mostly I wanted to see how the keyboard and various screen sizes felt. (The unhelpful saleswoman suggested that I try out the 24″ and just “imagine” what the 20″ would look like.)

    Not having signs is, of course, just overall stupid — they had flyers, but how to match the machine to the price in the flyer.

    Finally, it’s not just gender but age. I’m continually fighting the assumption that anyone over 40 is a tech ignoramous. (And I don’t just mean at ASUC.) (But then it gives me great satisfaction to rattle off tech terms, e.g., at Fry’s the other day looking for a DVI-D cable for my KVM switch running a Mac and a PC. Hah!)

    For what it’s worth, I get similar treatment at the campus library, where I’m tempted to say, “I’ve been using this library since before you were born!”

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