Bookmarking Pictures

The NYTimes writes about sites for social bookmarking of photos. I’m not interested in the social aspect; I’m interested in being able to easily save photo images and locations, and annotate them. Most “normal” bookmarking doesn’t allow me to cruise thumbnails to see what I’ve marked. To save images to, say, use for presentations, I can copy them onto local storage and lose the metadata, including the sources; I can use Photoshop to add the metadata, but that takes  time and effort; or I can save the image and/or URL in text file with my annotations. What these sites do is to allow you to have a page with thumbnails, URLs, and tags for your saved images. They don’t, as far as I can see (without joining them), allow me to annotate these images. They allow one to embed a feed/badge, so others can see, not the images you take, but the images you bookmark. The sites the NYTimes writes about:

  • Fffound: by invitation only.
  • a firefox extension. Click on an image you like and voila.
  • We heart it : bookmarks videos and YouTube. You can bookmark photos and they’ll appear on a page of images you’ve bookmarked. You can annotate via comments (but they’re public). Easy to save images via a bookmarklet.

None of these are quite what I need, because they’re specifically designed to be social, so people can see what others bookmark (and they can see yours).


3 responses to “Bookmarking Pictures

  1. Interestingly, Flickr started out being used like these sites. In fact, one of the early most common tags on Flickr was “unfound,” meant to indicate that an image was an original, as opposed to something found on the web.

    I think Zotero would work pretty well for this. Save a snapshot of the page, plus a URL, and add annotations. On Flickr you get all the metadata saved locally as well.

  2. Huh! I didn’t even think of Zotero — which is especially embarrassing because I just spent a lot of time this week working with Dan on a Zotero-related proposal. Well, I did ask Dan to give me a Zotero tutorial…now I have all the more reason to investigate Zotero further.

  3. Try out It has a private mode for the bookmarks, which may be useful for your need.

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