Don’t Call Your Car Insurance Company When It’s the Other Driver’s Fault

I had no idea — but this post from Teri Cettina explains why you don’t want to call your insurance company when you’re in an accident that’s clearly  the other driver’s fault. In short, the two companies will try to cut a deal (behind your back) — you may do better if they don’t (especially if they’re tempted to declare your car a total loss).  And did you know you could ask for a  “diminished value” fee? I thought not.

Disclosure: Teri’s my sister; which makes her more credible, because I know she knows what she’s talking about.  She’s a freelance writer and blogger who, after many years working for a bank, does family financial reporting. She’s thorough — even obsessive — about chasing down information.  And my brother-in-law could charm the Wicked Witch of the West into freeing Dorothy AND all the muchkins — which Teri also recommends, when dealing with the claims adjuster.


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