Game Show for You and Your Cat


My cat Lucy

I heard an ad for this (on local classical music station, no less) and thought it was a joke — but it’s not.

“Think Like a Cat” game show auditions in SF this weekend. From their call:

Phase 1: Cat-testants (sic) will take a written test containing twenty (20) multiple choice questions about general cat knowledge.

Phase 2:The Cat-Testant will be evaluated to determine his/her camera friendliness by a feline behaviorist and/or experienced trainer. (Are they evaluating the cat or the person?)

Phase 3:Each Cat-Testant and his/her cat will take part in a videotaped segment and interview of each Cat-Testant. Cat-Testant’s will be asked to talk about their relationship with their cats and answer questions about their cats. Each Cat-Testant will be evaluated primarily on the camera-friendliness of the “pet-parent” and how he/she interacts with his/her cat.

Don’t laugh — first prize is $1 million and $100K for your favorite charity. Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town.

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