Meerkat Manor Returns!

meerkats Meerkat Manor returns June 7 on Animal Planet. Last season, sadly, we saw the deaths of some of the meerkats we had followed for several seasons. One who died was Flower, the matriarch. She went into the family’s burrow after a poisonous snake, which had gone in after the babies who were too small to be out of the burrow. It was hopeless, but she defended her offspring.

I was in Washington DC a couple of years ago and went to an Imax show about lions of the Kalihari at the Museum of Natural History. I was one of the few adults unaccompanied by children, many of them quite small. The opening shots were of a variety of residents of the Kalihari. A clip of meerkats was greeting with a cry from the audience, “Meerkats!” How many kids would know what a meerkat was if they weren’t watching this show?

meerkat in oakland zoo I went to the Oakland Zoo a few months ago to take pictures of their meerkats — and all through the zoo I heard parents and kids talking about visiting the meerkats. They’re TV stars.

And they ARE entertaining.


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