Probably Not the WORST Facebook Application, But…

FFW logoFriends for sale: Buy and sell your friends as pets! You can make your pets poke, send gifts, or just show off for you. Make money as a shrewd pets investor or as a hot commodity! Friends for Sale is the bees knees!

Learned about this when I discovered that I had been “bought” as a “pet.” It took me a while to figure out how to disable this.

I can’t believe that people find this amusing — buying and selling people as pets? Without their knowledge or agreement? I know, I know, it’s intended to be fun, funny. Well, I find it disconcerting — tasteless. It was hard to even find out what it was, and how to opt out. Surely something like this should be an opt-in feature.

If I wanted to spend the time — but I don’t, life’s too short — I’d write a critique of Facebook from the perspective of a non-fan. Actually, someone must have done this, but life’s too short to spend time on this.

( I joined because that was the only way I could see content, and needed to know what was going on, for my research.)

But it leaves me curious about what such an app and the other Facebook functions and apps (1) mean about the people who find this interesting or amusing and (2) what these are doing to – or reflecting of — contemporary social interactions, at least among Facebook’s adherents.  Yes, I’m sure there are serious analyses of Facebook somewhere, but it doesn’t happen very often that something that is very popular just completely baffles me. I could imagine my friends and I doing this in high school, when we were bored and our lives revolved around our social group. But — grownups?


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