“The Economist” on Mobility

economist pictureThe April 10 issue of The Economist has a special report on “The new nomadism.” Eight articles. I haven’t read them yet. Available online through the campus library, but some people might want to pick up the paper edition.

This is their list of “sources and acknowledgments”:

Manuel Castells, Annenberg School of Communications
Howard Rheingold, author of “Smart Mobs” (see also smartmobs.com)
Mimi Ito
Naomi Baron, American University
“The Great, Good Place”, by Ray Oldenburg
Richard Ling
Mark Granovetter, Stanford University
Paul Saffo
Andrew Odlyzko, University of Minnesota
Pip Coburn, Coburn Ventures
Jan Chipchase, Nokia
Steven Johnston, Nokia
Michael Halbherr, Nokia
Genevieve Bell, Intel
Anthony Townsend, Institute for the Future
Douglas Merrill, Google
Dilip Venkatachari, Google
Wes Boyd, MoveOn.org
Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems
James Ware, Work Design Collaborative
Mike Lazaridis, Research In Motion
Debra Moritz, Jones Lang LaSalle
Sherry Turkle, MIT
William Mitchell, MIT
Alan Pisarski
Robert Dykstra
Akiba Cohen, Tel Aviv University
Dafna Lemish, Tel Aviv University
Katrin Verclas
Christopher Waters, Nomad Café (see also http://www.myspace.com/nomadcafe)
Peter Gabriel, WITNESS (“the Hub”)
Eric Paulos, Intel


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