New Pew Report:Mobile Access to Data and Information

The Pew Internet and American Life Project, probably the best source of data on Americans’ use of the internet and related technlogies, has released a new report: Mobile Access to Data and Information.

A personal note: I love having internet access on my cellphone. I use it to check email, and to do searches. Often when I’m out and around I check on addresses, business hours, and other information that makes my life easier. I use Google Maps for directions. I’ll even check book reviews while I’m in a bookstore.

I feared that having email on my phone would tether me to email,  but instead it frees me from my computer.  For example, I can recheck details on a meeting while in transit, or check for updates from someone I’m supposed to be meeting.  And I can do email during interstitial time.  It’s too hard to key long notes, but often all I do is delete unnecessary email or key a short reply.

From Pew:

Some 62% of adult Americans have taken advantage of mobile access to digital data and tools. The Pew Internet Project’s new report, entitled Mobile Access to Data and Information, examines mobile access in two ways and finds that:

58% of adult Americans have used a cell phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) to do at least one of ten mobile non-voice data activities, such as texting, emailing, taking a picture, looking for maps or directions, or recording video.

41% of adult Americans have logged onto the internet on the go, that is, away from home or work either with a wireless laptop connection or a handheld device.

Overall, 62% of adult Americans have either accessed the internet with a wireless connection away from home or work or used a non-voice data application using their cell phone or PDA, according to the Pew Internet Project’s December 2007 survey.


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