Buffy Is Back! In a Comic

Buffy comicThe New York Times reports that Buffy is back in a comic book series created by Buffy’s creator, Josh Whedon. The series is titled Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 and picks up Buffy’s story after the TV series finale. The New York Times got interested because in issue #12 Buffy finds herself in bed with one of the other slayers — i.e., a woman. Well, why not. She’s slept with two vampires. Even when she fell in love with her straight-arrow TA in college, it turned out he had an embedded device that put him under the control of a military project aimed at harnessing demons and creating a super-bad Frankenstein. The only ordinary male she ever slept with was a one-night stand in college. So a female vampire slayer is pretty tame.

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