Reference Manager 11 Update – Still Doesn’t Work; Do Not Buy!

I spent half a day on the phone with Reference Manager’s help people who had me try everything they could think of. They couldn’t figure out what was going on so they just kept having me try things — most of which I had already tried on my own.

The last guy said he would take this to the team meeting and get back to me — and never did. [When are customer service operations going to learn that the deafening silence with which they follow up on their “promises” to customers is even more annoying than the initial problem? I would expect a follow-up, an apology for their inability to solve the problem, and an offer of a refund.]

So now I’m trying to get my money back, since this whole exercise in upgrading has been a pointless waste of time. The money is minor compard to the time I’ve spent on this — but damned if I’m going to let them just shrug their shoulders and give up without so much as an apology.

The moral: DO NOT upgrade RM10 to RM11 — the improvement was going to be minor, and it has turned into a pointless time sink.

UPDATE 2/24/08: I spent 2 hours on the phone with their most experienced tech support person and he can’t get it to work, either. He has no control over refunds, but told me to tell Sales that I worked with him. Sales says return it to Amazon — but of course Amazon won’t take back used software. In short, software companies don’t seem to have to stand behind their product. You buy it, you’ve got it. And, since this company Thomson Scientific has bought out the major competitors — EndNote and ProCite — they have monopoly power and I can’t take my business to the competition.

It’s not the money, it’s the idiocy of it — they’ve spent probably 5 hours on the phone with me, worth much more than the $100 the software cost. Not to mention the value of my time. (Yes, I should have bailed on this long ago, but it’s the classic debugging problem — let’s try ONE MORE thing.)


One response to “Reference Manager 11 Update – Still Doesn’t Work; Do Not Buy!

  1. thank you.I was going to uprade my Ref Manager but decided not to.

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