Conference Blogging

cool tools logoOne of my favorite blogs — in fact, one of the very few that I read regularly — is Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools. Recently he reviewed something of potential interest to a lot of the lurkers who read this:

tips for conference blogging cover

Tips for Conference Bloggers
By Bruno Giussani and Ethan Zuckerman
2007, 6 pages
Available as a PDF from here

It’s short — not much text on each page. And the advice is good.

What it lacks that I’d like to see is more about the content; this is mostly about process.  My frequent beef with conference blogging is that the blogger interjects his/her own uninformed reactions.  A straight report without reaction, or with reaction/evaluation at the end, can be useful.  An informed colloquy can be useful.  But what’s most annoying is when the blogger doesn’t understand the speaker, the content, or the context, but writes in a way that is intended to demonstrate the blogger’s superiority to the speaker.

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