Software Failures – Never Update Working Software!

My new rule: if it’s running, don’t update it!

If you are running Atlas ti, do not, do not, DO NOT update it to 5.2. It has failed on both my machines (home desktop and home laptop) and the fix that tech support sent doesn’t work. SoI’m trying to finish two articles over the break using my Atlas ti coding and I can’t get into my data.

Similarly, if you are running Reference Manager, DO NOT update from 10 to 11. It only works partially, and exactly the update that I wanted (to no longer have to key in over again the text to search on when inserting refs into an article, e.g., the author’s name) — that’s exactly what doesn’t work, and it broke the entire function. So I CAN’T key in the name and search on it from within a document. I have to leave the document, go to RM, find the reference, select it, and go back to the document to insert it. Again, tech support has been unable to fix this.

So time that I should be spending on my research is being wasted trying to fix broken software.


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