Query: windows XP account access management

OK, here’s a challenge for my geeky friends.  Re my home network.

I have a home wifi network on which I run my desktop machine and laptop.  Everything used to be fine. Until I had a house-sitter and I changed my account on my desktop to be password-protected.

Ever since, my desktop machine can access my documents on my laptop (which is pwd-protected) but not vice-versa.  Which is a pain: if I want to move something from one machine to the other, I can do it when I’m on the desktop but not the laptop.

I have:

-removed the pwd on my desktop account
-started desktop in safe mode, gone in as administrator, and changed properties-security on my account to allow all access to everything
-re-created my home network several times (occasioned by other failures, such as not being able to access the printer — everything is now working fine EXCEPT this)

From my laptop, I can access Guest account on my desktop machine, and “Documents and Settings,” but when I try to access my account, my documents, under “Documents and Settings,” I get “not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this network resource.”

This seems like it must be something simple, but I’m stumped. ???

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