Me at Maine Media Workshops

I spent the week of July 15 at the Maine Media Workshops. Which was TERRIFIC.

I took Tillman Crane’s workshop. I also had a chance to see the work of and talk to Alison Shaw and Thatcher Cook, both of whom are interviewed in the video, and I would certainly take workshops from either of them, as well. (Though Thatcher had his workshop meeting at 4 am to catch the dawn light.)

As part of the closing night slide show, they prepared this video and voila, there I am! Eating lunch. On the right, partially hidden by the woman closest to the camera. This is part of the closing sequence. No, they didn’t ask me to sign a release for this.

They didn’t interview my instructor or take pictures in my workshop, so I’m not in those parts of the video, but I also show up in the opening sequence, a time-lapse sequence of breakfast in the dark, rainy eating area — dressed the same as in this photo, I wander through. To see the video, go to and click on July 20.

The video makes Rockport look more urban than it is — many of the city shots were taken in Rockland, which is much bigger than Rockport. We had overcast and drizzle, but we also had sunshine.

I’ll try to write more about the workshop itself and the Maine Media Workshops (formerly the Maine Photographic Workshops) later.


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