Social Networking Site Query

Suggestions for how to do this?

My recent high school reunion led to calls for a class website.  We want old and new photos and text, the “what have you been doing since graduation” stuff.

People vary a lot about how interested and tech savvy they are. When I put photos on flickr group only a handful joined –see below.

So we want a site with the following requirements.  My question is: does anyone know of a site or service that makes this EASY?  E.g., a wiki would do IF there’s a really easy, accessible one.  Or maybe someone has created just this for alumni groups.  But we’re all savvy enough to be suspicious of any site that looks like it’s harvesting email addresses for spam.

What I’m looking for:

  • Some sort of front page on which everyone has a short profile, with links to more info.
  • For each person, a place for text AND photos, with easy uploading/adding.
  • They can update their own info for themselves, or I can do it for them.
  • Easy, easy, easy.  Did I say easy?
  • I think registering for Flickr was a barrier. So either no registration, or clearly registration for this site only — I suspect some were suspicious because for Flickr they needed a Yahoo id and worried that Yahoo was going to suck them in and re-use their email etc.
  • Free!
  • An easy way to link this site with email addresses so people can be notified when info is updated. This is not a group to subscribe to RSS feeds or check frequently, just for fun.

I haven’t used things like Yahoo groups etc so dunno whether something like that would work. Or whether there’s something designed just for this purpose.


3 responses to “Social Networking Site Query

  1. Have you tried creating a Facebook group? The official group would have a homepage and all sorts of other cool stuff.

  2. Woops. Also forgot to mention, you could try creating your own social network using NING. That might work.

  3. Hah, before I even clicked over to the comments, my two suggestions were going to be Facebook and Ning. Facebook’s usability is pretty good, but not all that customizable. TechCrunch also did a comparison of social network application platforms:

    Or you could roll your own in Drupal (says the Drupal junkie).

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