iPhone Hype

What I haven’t seen in most iPhone discussions is point raised in an article in the NY Times June 30 by Joe Nocera http://select.nytimes.com/2007/06/30/business/30nocera.html:

But deep in Mr. Pogue’s review came the paragraph that stopped me in my tracks. Pointing out that the iPhone, unique among cellphones, doesn’t have a removable battery, Mr. Pogue wrote: ‘Apple says the battery starts to lose capacity after 300 to 400 charges. Eventually, you’ll have to send the phone to Apple for battery replacement, much as you do now with an iPod, for a fee.’

Huh? That couldn’t be, could it? Did Apple really expect people to mail their iPhones to Apple HQ and wait for the company to return it with a new battery? It was bad enough that the company did that with he iPod — but a cellphone? Cellphones have become a critical part of daily life, something we can barely do without for an hour, much less days at a time.

MAIL IN a phone to replace the battery???!!!!

The rest of the article (1) tries to estimate when this would be for most users — Nocera concludes that for many this’ll be at about the time that the 2-year warranty expires, and (2) describes Nocera’s efforts to get Apple to answer his questions about this – which is, basically, they never do.


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