Another Berkeley Bookstore Bites the Dust

Barnes & Noble on Shattuck has closed.

Berkeley which used to be a town full of bookstores, with Cody’s as the flagship, has fewer and fewer.

I keep expecting  to see Black Oaks to close — when I’m there it’s always mostly empty, very different from just a few years ago.  This is a tragedy — buying books online is OK, but it’s very different from being able to look at and handle books, and find ones I wouldn’t have known to order online.  And the fewer books I can find locally, the more I order online: with Cody’s Telegraph closed, there’s no place around, including Cody’s 4th Street, with that selection.  And with Cody’s gone B&N was more important, as a large bookstore with a variety of books.

One response to “Another Berkeley Bookstore Bites the Dust

  1. Damn… where are we supposed to buy books now that we don’t know we want? BN was it for me… now I feel homeless (that’s probably not fair).

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