The Economy Is Out of Whack – Something Else to Worry About

Years ago I heard from people in library schools that their programs were suffering because so many students graduated heavily in debt from student loans that they couldn’t afford to go to work in the public sector.

My nephew was planning to go to culinary school after high school.  Changed his plans for other reasons, but I was relieved when I read a recent NYTimes article about how starting restaurant jobs pay too little for culinary school grads to pay back student loans.

What other sorts of things are students not doing, because they’re graduating with so much debt? Not taking time to travel after graduation? Not going into the arts, or public service, or a raft of moderate (not even low) paying professions?  What is our society going to be like if college grads can’t afford to do anything but that which will allow them to pay off their loans?

And what happens if students can’t afford to go to grad school in the social sciences and the humanities, disciplines where students are largely self-financed rather than supported by grants, because they already have heavy undergrad debts?


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