For Tea Lovers

I love Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools — not only because it hearkens back to the Whole Earth Catalog (from which it is more or less descended) which I loved, but for its own virtues: good, clear reviews of things I actually can use. Not everything, of course, but periodically I do buy things it reviews and have never been disappointed.

The latest is the IngenuiTEA Teapot. Making one cup of tea is as easy as it could possibly be. Boil water; put loose tea in the Ingenuitea; when tea is ready, put the device on top of a cup; the contact with the rim of the cup opens the valve and tea flows into the cup, leaving the loose leaves behind.

I love it. Cool Tools links to Amazon, which sells it with tea. It can be bought cheaper without the tea from

It is an example of a simple, straightforward technology that does something simply and extremely well.  Would that more of the technology that we use day in and day out were as functional.

3 responses to “For Tea Lovers

  1. so, the real question is: what’s your favorite loose leaf tea? (maybe one obscure and one I can get locally… if you have many favorites!)

  2. My enduring favorite is Osmanthus Fancy from Peet’s. It’s only available part of the year, because it includes osmanthus blossoms, which aren’t available all the time. It’s around in the late winter/spring — haven’t looked for it lately; this season’s offering may be over. This sounds impossibly Berkeley — liking only an exotic tea available part of the time — but it’s simply a matter of liking this particular tea. The blossoms cut the tannin.

  3. Sounds wonderful… in Flagstaff, AZ, where I did my undergrad., we had a tea house that had about 150+ teas. You could pay about $8 and get a pot of tea, crumpets and three types of British crumpet spreads. It was a lot of fun. Sigh.

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