Attention “24” Fans: the Military Disputes Jack Bauer’s Effectiveness

The New Yorker for Feb. 19 & 26 has an article by Jane Mayer of possible interest to “24” fans  (I pile them up and read them randomly so I’m just getting to this).  It’s called “Whatever It Takes: The Politics of the Man Behind ’24’.”

Mayer reports that US Brigadier General Patrick Finnegan, the dean of the US Military Academy at West Point, along with three of the most experienced  military and FBI interrogators, met with the creators of “24” to tell them that the kind of torture presented in 24 is not effective, and that Jack Bauer is a criminal under both US and international law.  Furthermore, they say that “24” damages the US’ reputation overseas.  And, perhaps most disturbing, their students are fans of “24” and DVDs of the show circulate in Iraq.  Their students come in expecting that they, too, should follow Bauer’s motto of “Whatever it takes,” and the staff have trouble convincing the students that Bauer’s methods are neither effective nor appropriate.

Yes, I enjoy the show.  However…This is disturbing.

When the general showed up on the set in full uniform, covered with medals, people thought he was an actor in costume.

All of this is very appropriate for the week Boudrillard dies. 


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