Microsoft Outlook and the Change in Daylight Savings Time

So Outlook has figured out that daylight savings time is starting early this year — sort of. All my events after March 11 have been shifted by an hour — so it shows my recurring appointment of a class 2-3:30 as 3-4:30 after March 11. So now it has me completely confused — if I put something I my calendar for a time next week, should I put it at the correct time, or at the “wrong” time? I synch Outlook with my phone calendar — so what happens March 11? Will Outlook “revert” to the right times, and the phone fail to? Or..???

Since I switched to an electronic calendar, I’ve worried about not having a paper backup. And this verifies the danger of relying on an electronic calendar. But it’s so much more convenient. !!

Update 3/8/07:

There is a Microsoft update for this, however — the instructions warn you to click on “details” after you run it, and it then presents a set of appointments and shows you when it’s going to change them to and allows you to override its changes. Well — I know what time my classes are, and other regular events, but I don’t necessarily know about one-time appointments. So when it asked me whether to change the time on these, I really needed to already know what time they were supposed to be; but that’s what I use the Outlook calendar for. I didn’t know what time those appointments were supposed to be, and didn’t know whether to override Outlook.

Given the number of people using Outlook for calendaring, and the number of them who don’t know about the Outlook update, I predict weeks of confusion after the change to DST.


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