Interesting Site for Weather and Webcam Junkies

I love webcams — I love seeing what it really looks like someplace far away, right now. Or not even that far away.

WeatherBonk shows the weather for most anyplace you can name, plus nearby webcams. It’s worth lots of wasted time, trolling around looking at places you’ve been, you want to go, you’re curious about…and so forth.

I was disappointed, however, to check a couple of places where I know there are webcams and to not have them show. Then I saw the “add webcam” link — yup, you can add a webcam. And it shows up instantly. Instant gratification, and the sense that you’ve done something good for the world (when all you’ve really been doing is procrastinating by surfing the web).

The one problem is that the webcams that I added, I don’t know EXACTLY where they’re located. You locate them on a Google map, and you tell the site which direction the webcam is facing. I could approximate the location better for some than for others, and some tell you the direction they’re facing, but with others I had to guess. Which means, of course, that I also cannot trust that the other webcams on the site are mapped accurately.

One response to “Interesting Site for Weather and Webcam Junkies

  1. The webcam directory is kind of like the wikipedia of webcams. They are all editable, so as people correct and refine the locations the directory continally improves

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