Moo crash

I like Moo, and was showing off my Moo cards at the iSchool holiday party — but I’ve been trying to make more cards as a Christmas present for a week now and it hangs up halfway through the process. There’s a thread on the Flickr Moo group complaining about problems starting 12/8, which included processing and billing for orders that were not completed because of this hangup. There’s a post from a Moo staffer that says that was a temporary problem for about 20 people for a few days around 12/8 — not! Still not working. Obviously this isn’t going to work for the Christmas present. So to all the people I showed my cards to — I withdraw my endorsement of Moo, at least until they solve their problems (and communicate honestly with their users).

UPDATE 12/21: I posted this to the Moo Flickr group and others report no problems. I sent email to Moo tech support; no response. I’m increasingly pissed off at Moo. There’s clearly a bug of some sort. Doesn’t matter which browser I use, which computer I use, or whether I’m at home or in South Hall, it simply doesn’t work. ?!?!

UPDATE 12/22: Finally got a response from someone at Moo, via the Flickr Moo group, not Moo tech support. There was a bug in working with private photos. I had uploaded to Flickr a bunch of photos to use for Moo and tagged them private so as not to muck up my photostream. It’s now fixed, thanks to my public complaint.

HOWEVER — their Paypalo ordering system isn’t working, and put me in an endless loop; and it won’t rotate one of my images.  So still too buggy for me to recommend.


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