More on Hanoi Traffic

img_5042.JPG img_5043.JPG

Along with Seymour Papert (about whose condition I see no updates), a prominent Vietnamese physicist was recently hit — and killed — by a motorbike in Hanoi, causing some discussion in the Vietnamese press about the traffic situation and how foreigners see it. In the sequence above, start with the right-hand image; if you look near the white van you’ll see a group of schoolgirls crossing the street. Then look at the left, earlier image and see them starting into the traffic. You’ll see that they just walk THROUGH the traffic. What this misses, of course, is the action, the speed, and the bikes going down the wrong side of the road ready to ram the girls while they watch those coming from the other direction. These pictures are from Saigon, where the streets are wider and the traffic not QUITE so crazy.

Foreigners in Viet Nam are obsessed with the traffic — for good reason.


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