Dabble Contest: a New Challenge Every Day in December

SIMS alum Mary Hodder’s company Dabble (including SIMS alum Lilia Manguy), is holding a contest this month: every day they announce a new challenge.

What is Dabble? From their site: “Dabble is a media search and organization community. At Dabble, we want to make it easy for beginners and experts to organize media they care about, search, tag, describe, promote and share media.”

The contest – again, from their site:

The Short Version

  1. Check out the Dabble blog around noon each day to find out what the daily playlist challenge theme is.
  2. Collect videos that meet the playlist challenge. (To find out how to make a playlist, check out our playlist tutorial.)
  3. Tag your entries with the “Dabble Challenge 2006” tag along with the tag for that day’s challenge, as explained in the day’s blog post.

The creator of the playlist that gets the most favorites by noon the following day gets a Dabble T-Shirt – and guarantees themselves a spot in the Final competition!


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