ZoneTags Update

More on ZoneTags: how it has changed my photo practices:

  • I was taking cameraphone pictures, uploading them, then reviewing them to see which I wanted to leave on Flickr. I often take multiple shots of the same subject, to see which will turn out best. When I went online, I would often find that an image that I decided to delete had already had several views. This was inconvenient for viewers, I assume: they would see multiple shots, including poor ones. The adjustment that I made: mark photos private by default, instead of public, and then change some to public when I viewed them. So, instead of take, upload, and edit, now I take, upload privately, edit, and then make public later.
  • At the moment of taking, I am aware that the pictures that I take are or may be viewed by others. Sometimes I take pics that I might not have, for that reason; until I realized I could just make them private, I would sometimes NOT take pictures that I thought might not fit what I thought my audience wanted to see (e.g., how many cute kitten photos will they tolerate?).
  • I would like more discrimination about which photos are visible to whom: some of my friends like lots of kitten pictures! The friends/family distinction isn’t sufficiently fine-grained for this.
  • I would like an easy way to link pictures made in the same time and place by me and others who are present. It wasn’t critical to be able to link my picture with Elizabeth’s when we took ZoneTag pictures of one another. But in other circumstances there could be more reason to want to be able to gather the pictures taken in that place and time. Other people in the room were taking ZoneTag pictures, too, but I’m not sure who, and some were people I don’t know. Imagine something very significant happening, and us wanting to connect all those images. It should be easy.
    • Bluetagging (which we did with my colleague Marc Davis’ MMM2 system) would do this, but (1) we aren’t bluetagging, and (2) that raises privacy issues. I don’t need to see all the pictures made by those people, just the ones made in the same time and place with mine.

Dueling Zonetag Cameraphones

Originally uploaded by NVH.

ZoneTag Photo Friday 15:06:56

Originally uploaded by xeeliz.


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