I’ve started using Yahoo/Flickr’s ZoneTags system for cameraphone images. Later, when I have more time (and more experience with it) I’ll write a longer comment. Here’s the short take:

  • I VERY MUCH like it that it makes uploading cameraphone images easy. After each image is captured it asks whether I want to upload it to Flickr. Since it’s often hard to tell, on the small screen, whether the picture is any good, the auto-upload makes it easy to review images on a larger screen later and delete the bad ones.
  • This means, obviously, that more of my cameraphone images get uploaded to Flickr. In the past I would periodically bluetooth the images to my laptop, look at them, and then pick some to upload. Now I tend to upload and edit rather than edit and upload.
  • This has meant a switch in my thinking about my cameraphone images, thinking of them more often as public/communicative. This has made me self-conscious about all the kitten photos I’m taking. I’m not at all self-conscious about how many I’ve taken with my “real” camera (kittens are cute but that’s hard to capture, and they move a lot, so I assume it’ll take tons of pics to get one or two excellent ones) — because no one but me sees that. But with my upload-and-edit use of ZoneTags, by the time I get to my Flickr page the images often have many views and even comments. And kitten photos are about as generic as one can get. Not sure what I’ll do when images are more personal. (Note to viewers of my Flickr stream: the kitten photos will taper off, I promise. But there’s not much else going on in my life right now that’s photo-worthy. And the kittens are, well, they’re still kittens.)
  • This also hasme thinking more about what I might take pictures of — that might be of interest to my viewers. Again, more public/communicative. Hearkens back to the MMM2 days when I was consciously taking pictures of things I saw around Berkeley.
  • I am getting more comments on my photos — maybe because I’ve also picked up more viewers and contacts lately.
  • I’m not so crazy about the automatic location tagging (which I can choose not to do). Mostly because (1) in daily life I don’t need it, I travel mostly between home and campus, and (2) I do have privacy concerns. But I do like the idea for when I’m travelling.

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