Call for Papers: STS Grad Student Conference at UCSC

Call For Papers:

Bio[X]: New Iterations of Lively Bodies

Science Studies Graduate Student Conference

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

University of California, Santa Cruz

The UC Santa Cruz Science Studies Cluster and the UC Science, Technology and Society Network will be hosting a joint graduate student conference February 23rd 2007 in Santa Cruz. We hope to provide an opportunity for advanced graduate students to present their research in Science Studies and establish networks across the Northern California UC campuses. Our theme is deliberately broad in order to bring graduate students from a multitude of disciplines into trans-disciplinary conversations.

We seek contributions that interrupt traditional realms of ‘bio.’ The theme Bio[X] stands for lively intra-actions of the biological, biosocial, biopolitical, bioethical, and biocapital. Our exploration of Bio[X] aims to address the scientific making of bodies and meanings that affect articulations of bodies and their materialities, mobilities, and tangibility. New iterations of lively bodies may include, but are not limited to, the following topics: the role of ‘new’ technologies in biological practices, the movement and constitution of whole and partial bodies across international and national boundaries, human/non-human determinations and relations, apparatuses of information development and codification, questions of temporality and material agency in biological practice, and governance and justice in the making of bodies and bodily practice.

The 1-day conference will consist of 5-6 panels, each with a faculty respondent. In order to leave plenty of time for discussion and feedback, please limit your presentation to 15 minutes. Please choose up to three themes from the following overlapping session titles that may apply to your paper topic:

Mobile Bodies and Trans-Regionalities
Trans, Species and Opportunities
Biocapital, Governance, and Justice
Classification Practices, Ontologies, and Ethics
Affects & Epistemes

The Politics of Liveliness

The submission deadline for abstracts is December 8th 2006. Please send a 200-300 (max) word abstract, with your name, e-mail, institutional affiliation, and session selections to Also let us know about any media needs for your presentation. Any inquiries will be answered by e-mail to In urgent cases you may also call Mary Weaver at (831) 471-9216.

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