Multispecies Salon – in conjunction with Anthro meeting in San Jose

Could be interesting — my first reaction was that I want to bring my cat. They’ll be running buses from the AAA meetings.



The Multispecies Salon
A Special Event in conjunction with the 2006 Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association

Saturday, November 18 / 2:15-4:45 PM
Part I: Oakes Mural Room / Part II: Oakes Learning Center (UC Santa Cruz)

THE EARLY 21ST CENTURY is an age of mass extinction and global war. When human and non-human worlds unexpectedly collide—when red tides wreak havoc on marine fisheries, when “invasive species” remake protected ecosystems—new regimes of techno-scientific management have at tempted to restore predictable balances. This interactive forum will depart from sites of managed conflict to explore locations of biocultural hope. We envision new approaches to “biological anthropology,” approaches that position the writing of natural history within multiple cultural locations. The first part of the Multispecies Salon will be a roundtable workshop. We solicit an audience of provocateurs who will respond to the papers of the AAA Presidential Session titled “Speaking With/For Nature.” The papers—by Kimberly Tallbear (Native American DNA), Paige West (Tree Kangaroo Conservation), S. Eben Kirksey (Foam Frogs and Ecotractors), and Stefan Helmreich (How the Ocean Got Its Genome)—trace how discoveries about nature are being used to transform human social systems and cultured landscapes. Following Susan Leigh Star, we are interested in who lives and dies in the force fields generated by human/non-human mingling.

The second half of the Multispecies Salon will consist of a series of short playful interventions. Presenters will imagine new alliances between human and non-human agents, and future biopolitical worlds. Following a screening of clips from Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth, Susan Harding will lead a discussion of environmental evangelism in the age of high capitalism. Astrid Schrader will provoke us to think about the political implications of dinoflagellate ontology. Bears and salmon will interact in a joint presentation by Heather Swanson and Jacob Metcalf. Eduardo Kohn will talk of dogs and dreams. Canine companions will also appear in shorts read from Donna Haraway’s new work in progress, “Notes of a Sportswriter’s Daughter.”

For more information, please visit the website at:

Sponsored by the Science Studies Research Cluster

One response to “Multispecies Salon – in conjunction with Anthro meeting in San Jose

  1. Hi Nancy,

    I wanted to make sure that our “CFO” (Call for Organisms) to the second Multispecies Salon found its way to you. Details are below.


    CFO: Call for Organisms
    Parliament of Biodiversity at the Multispecies Salon II
    November 20-23, 2008
    San Francisco, California

    The Multispecies Salon is a special event and art exhibit in conjunction with the American Anthropological Association’s annual conference in San Francisco. We are conducting a biodiversity survey of sorts that will bring together organisms living in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We seek to represent creatures that are thriving in our yards, greenhouses, skinner boxes, and aquariums as well as those that are failing in our built landscapes. We invite school children, biologists, and hobbyists to participate in the Parliament of Biodiversity by bringing organisms from the intimate spaces of labs and homes into the public space of the art gallery. This parliament of creatures will highlight the ways that plants, animals and fungi are brought into and excluded from human social worlds. Working to bring fragile organisms into a foreign space, we will attend to issues relating to care, contact and contagion.

    If you would like to participate send an email with a description (250 words or less) and a photograph of the organism you would like to bring to the parliament:

    Submission deadline: September 1st, 2008

    If your submission is accepted, the curators will work with you to ensure that the basic needs of your organism will be met for the duration of the show. While our aim is to showcase creatures that are already living in the San Francisco Bay area, we will accept submissions from people who are committed to safely transporting organisms from farther a field. We will also consider displaying non-living representations of multi-species assemblages in sculpture, painting, video, music, and other media. People who submit successful submissions will be invited to become “spokespeople” for nature—to deliver a 5 minute presentation about their non-human(s) at the biodiversity parliament on Saturday, November 22nd. We will consider submissions to the parliament after September 1st on a case-by-case basis.

    S. Eben Kirksey, Ph.D.
    National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow
    Center for Science, Technology, and Society
    Santa Clara University
    500 El Camino Real
    Santa Clara, California 95053 USA
    Direct line: +1.831.600.5937

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