Me in front of Ahwahnee Webcam

Me in front of Ahwahnee Webcam

Originally uploaded by NVH.

I keep the browsers on my various computers set on one or another of the webcams hosted by the Yosemite Association, Ahwahnee, Sentinel Dome, and Turtleback Ridge. So, of course, when I’ve gone to Yosemite I’ve tried to track them down. This time I not only tracked down the Ahwahnee webcam but had a cellphone signal and called around and found my friend Morgan by a computer to capture the image. (Morgan also posted one of these images.) My Flickr stream shows the site of the webcam. I’m that tiny figure at the bottom of the image — you need to click on this image to get to a larger version to actually see me.

So for those of you who weren’t parked at your computers watching the Ahwahnee webcam yesterday, here’s one of the images. I’m waving my hat and I’ve got a cellphone to my ear as I moved closer to and further from the webcam (over the door of one of the employee housing units on Ahwahnee Meadow, aimed up at Half Dome, so I had to go way out in the meadow to get into the frame).

And my apologies to any strangers who were monitoring the webcam, as I do, and watched all our jockeying around as I moved closer to the camera and further back and Morgan captured the images.

Others had evidently done the same: there’s not a trail, exactly, but a path through the meadpw where the grass has been walked on, walking out from the webcam to where I was.

(The Tioga Pass webcam has been a bust — it has been on the same image since July 1. The Turtleback webcam appears to be at a PG&E site atop the tunnel between the Valley and Glacier Point road. The Sentinel Dome webcam may be accessible from Glacier Point Road –I almost tried looking for it this weekend, but I was feeling the altitute up at Glacier Point.)

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