Cameraphone Workshop at Ubicomp

We had a very successful workshop on Pervasive Image Capture and Sharing (PICS) at Ubicomp 2006. Cameraphone-related research from around the world.

In addition to talking about our work, we did a field trip at Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach with ZoneTag-enabled cameraphones. Pictures are on Flickr — we had 5 groups with Flickr userids pics2006a through e. I liked ZoneTags, but I quickly got frustrated with the tagging — although ZoneTags makes it fast by suggesting tags, it’s still slow, working through the different screens and checking/unchecking tags. I quickly stopped tagging and just hit “upload.” However, this wasn’t always a good idea. Tags and title persist across images, which is both good and bad — it saves work if you are re-using tags, but it led us to mis-tag and mis-title images when we just hit “upload” and didn’t go back through the tags.

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