Crocodile Hunter Irwin Killed in Action

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, was killed while filming an interaction with a stingray. For those of us who’ve watched him over the years, this isn’t a surprise — I remember an episode where he went around looking at rattlesnakes in various parts of the US, and repeatedly reached into a nest to pull out a snake. Ironically, according to news reports this was a freak accident, a sting that’s rarely fatal, but the barb went into his heart.

I’m glad it wasn’t one of his beloved “crocs” that killed him.

One response to “Crocodile Hunter Irwin Killed in Action

  1. Can’t find my tape of that episode.He was here in San Diego California for part of that one or all of it.I saw him on our local highway but can’t find which episode on Animal Planet Website?My Grandson and I watched hin All the time.I told him to his disbelief the other day of the Croc’s demide!He “Died With His Boots On”! Anybody know of the Cro episode I’m referring to?I had that tape of that episode but where is it? God Rest The Croc Hunter!

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