How to Get A Degree, Painlessly

Today’s NYTimes has an article about online diploma mills — the ones that advertise a college degree instantly for as little as $500. The Times called the advertised phone numbers. The companies are quite up front about how this works — to do otherwise would be fraud. If you want to use their degree fraudulently, well, that’s not their problem.

Excerpts from the article, from what the company said:

“[W]we will take your word on your qualifications, and we will base your degree on what you tell us…you will receive, within 7 to 10 business days, a bachelor’s degree, an M.B.A., a master’s degree or even a Ph.D. The degree will be made to your specifications. [Students pick their GPA]…you can graduate summa cum laude…..You are allowed to assume any titles that come with your degree. If you are to get a Ph.D., you could legally call yourself doctor. And when we receive an inquiry from a prospective employer we will verify your degree and send off certified copies of the transcript…With a bachelor’s, you get a four-year transcript; with a master’s you get a three-year transcript. Each class is listed, graded, and the transcript conforms to standards in your major…Q. You don’t have any classes, even online? A. No, but our Web site makes it look like we do…The diploma comes with two letters of recommendation…[Accreditation?] Accreditation is only really an issue in the academic world.”


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