Print Media Access for the Vision Impaired: Lacking!

Researching large type magazines for my father, who is vision-impaired, is discouraging. Two problems: there aren’t many out there; and they’re hard to locate and order.

The first Google result was a site from a library that listed only Reader’s Digest and the New York Times. The NYT link took me to their store (not subscription orders) where a search turned up nothing. Nothing on the subscriptions page. Only persistence and a Google search of the NYT site turned up the information that yes, there is a large type weekly — you have to find a different page from the daily home delivery subscriptions, from a tiny link on the ‘manage your account’ page.

The Library of Congress site turned up a longer list — heavy on religious magazines, and those about living with disabilities. There are more periodicals available in recorded format, which is nice but, well, there are times when you really want PRINT.

It’ll be interesting to see how this changes as baby boomers age.


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