Needed: Tivo for Radio

One of the many things I like about Tivo is that I can be only half paying attention and only half-hear something, or be paying attention but not catch a crucial word, or suddenly realize that something was more important than I thought — and do an instant rewind.

I listen to NPR a lot, and they have a lot that’s worth paying attention to — but of course not everything is equally worthy of attention, and I don’t just sit still and listen. Since I’ve had Tivo, I sometimes find myself grabbing the remote control for my radio to replay something, and then remember that I can’t.

So – when is someone going to come out with a Digital Radio Recorder? Not to mention the convenience of being able to time-shift radio prgrams. I know, there’s Radio Shark but it has to be connected to a PC. I can set my mp3 player to record radio on a timer. And I could go online and listen to many NPR programs. But I want the instant, easy funtionality of Tivo.

UPDATE: It occurred to me to search and see if there is such a thing, and I turned up Radio Your Way — for$200.  Pricey. And it’s a portable, requiring headphones.  And while it does do time-shifting, it doesn’t seem to do the instant replay.  What I need is a kitchen radio for when I’m eating breakfast, reading the paper, and half-listening to NPR…

2 responses to “Needed: Tivo for Radio

  1. I have Radio Your Way. It produces MP3s that can be transferred to your computer.

    Of course, you can also just download most of the news stories from

  2. Yeah, I want something that’ll let me listen live and rewind in realtime.

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