Prairie Home Companion: the Movie

Meryl Streep was on PHC (the radio show) this weekend reprising her role from the movie, and KQED-TV showed (sic) that broadcast last night(?) and is repeating it July 4 at 3 am – my Tivo is set. All of which reminded me to post this: saw the movie a week ago, despite the generally lukewarm reviews. And: it’s worth seeing for Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin, playing country music-singing sisters. Two stunningly-good comic actresses, with an inspired script. Their dressing room conversations make the entire movie (which is good, but not great) worth the time. YouTube is full of favorite excerpts from movies and TV shows: I would like a clip of just the scenes with these two actresses.

Strteep and Tomlin


One response to “Prairie Home Companion: the Movie

  1. Robert J Lindley

    Will The Prairie Home Companion (movie) be relased in Australia? If so, about when? Thanking you from Culcairn, where some of the women are strong; some of the children –more logically–above average ; and no mention of the menfolk needed.

    r j lindley

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