New Blog

I’ve decided to bite the bullet and create a new blog. My SIMS-based blog was a target for spam, requiring that I keep comments mostly off.

I started to import to this blog posts from my old one but realized that, while some of them are of interest to me, most were not worth importing. So — a fresh start.

(Although — tested this new URL in the Microsoft site I wrote about after my colleague Doug Tygar did, and it comes out male and <18 — !!)


2 responses to “New Blog

  1. Congratulations on your new home. Note that both our blogs (according to Microsoft) appeal to children — mine to girls, yours to boys.

    (By the way, may I make a special request for you to update us on the missing decoration outside South Hall — you mentioned in a previous post it was not vandalism.)

  2. Morgan’s comment on my post about the supposed vandalism explained it — the decoration was cracked and in danger of coming down, so it was removed.

    Maybe Microsoft is right after all — the girls can swoon over your blog, and the boys can idolize me along with, say, Laura Croft.

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